Highly efficient cladding eco-panels
with improved nano-insulation properties


The GELCLAD project aims at creating a novel cost-effective, durable, industrialised and easy to install composite insulation cladding system, based on a single structured panel with excellent insulation properties. The GELCLAD panels shall be made from a functional bio-polymer composite and an advanced foamable extrudable aerogel, produced using a co-extrusion/injection procedure, in which both the framing skin and the aerogel core will be simultaneously formed in a single product. Complementary, the novel cladding system can be set with passive pre-programed materials, able to respond dynamically to ambient stimuli and control the air flow in the building facade system. The foreseen main impacts of the novel GELCLAD system will be 20% lower embodied energy than traditional oil based panels and attain an improvement of more than 40% on energy savings in building refurbishment actions, while combining reduced installation and maintenance costs with a life span of 50 years. Full scale demonstration of the GELCLAD solution will be performed in demo and real size buildings for ready uptake and spreading of the new facade system.

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Starting Date
36 months
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Supply the market with a novel and improved external insulation solution

Develop a aerogel core capable to exceed conventional insulation materials performance by 45%.

Bring to the market a high performance solution at acceptable costs

Significantly cut the cost of aerogel material in about 1/3, when compared with current market products and reduce application labour costs by more than 65%.

Provide the market with an innovative and durable cladding solution

Engineer a system with superior service life time resistance (from 30 up to 50 years).

Address the market with a realistic answer for a faster and easier retrofit plan

Aim for an easy-to-install single multifunctional modular and lightweight construction panel system, capable of being competitive against labour intensive systems (ventilate facade frames, ETICs, standard cladding profiles, etc.).

Bring the state of the art nanotechnologies and smart materials into the real economy

Attain a real industrial breakthrough (co-extrusion of WPC and Aerogel). Provide the system with a complementary ventilation asset of active smart elements, capable of dynamically respond to ambient stimuli, without mechanic and energy consuming devices.

Reinforce the sustainability focus of the insulation market

Promote the development of sustainable processes through more eco-friendly aerogel production technologies and the use of sustainable bio-plastics and more environmentally friendly recycled polymers.

Answer the major european renovation plan with a versatile external insulation solution

Potential to be used on NZEBs and for retrofitting of multi-storey residential buildings.

Promote the certification of the insulation market

Full technical compliance and life cycle assessment program. Provide valuable contribution to European standardization and certification activities (European Committee for Standardization (CEN), European Organization for Technical Assessment (EOTA), national standardization institutes and ongoing H2020 projects).



Consortium management


Definition of raw materials and processing technologies


Development of functionalised GELCLAD ecoWPC frame


Creation of foamable extrudable aerogel (FEA) core/layer material


Manufacturing process development for GELCLAD commercial production


GELCLAD testing and certification


Environmental and economic analysis


Demonstration installation and BIM Support


Dissemination, communication and exploitation


Ethics requirements


Specification of scientific concepts for GELCLAD production and performance


Production of functionalised GELCLAD ecoWPC frame


Creation of extrudable GELCLAD aerogel


Production of GELCLAD prototype panels


Validation of commercially viable GELCLAD panels


Database of GELCLAD performance and guidance documents established for certification


Deliverable Number

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Due Date



Gelclad Funcional fillers and thermoplastics


August 2017


Gelclad coupling agents and additives


August 2017


Production line for GELCLAD and GELCLAD prototype panels


April 2019


GELCLAD small-scale demonstration


June 2019


GELCLAD demo-house installation and evaluation


August 2019


First version of the dissemination communication plan


February 2017


Market evaluation, value proposition


August 2017


Second version of the communication plan


February 2018


Final version of the communication and dissemination plan


July 2019




November 2016



September, 1

GELCLAD has officially started! Stay tuned to our website and follow our social media channels for more news, events and updates!

September, 2

GELCLAD project kick-off meeting will be held next 8th and 9th of September in Brussels. Check out the meeting agenda

September, 8

IPN was at BEHAVE 2016 with GELCLAD discussing energy efficiency. Behave 2016 aims to bring researchers and practitioners involved in end-use energy efficiency ...
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September, 9

A very exciting 2-day project kick-off meeting was held last week in Brussels, with all consortium partners and the attendance of the EC Project Officer, Olga Rio Suarez. The meeting agenda has ...
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September, 29

IPN presented GELCLAD at ENEM2016 conference (Covilhã, Portugal). The ENEM - National Meeting of Materials Students are the result of a collaboration be ...
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October, 13

GELCLAD has proudly become a member of the Advanced Material and Nanotechnology Cluster (AMANAC) under the insulation materials thematic area. The scope ...
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October, 14

Following two teleconference meetings managed by different brainstorm and decision making working groups, the first face-to-face technical meeting was held last 12th of October, at ...
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November, 7

The third face-to-face technical meeting was held at BRE installations to discuss about the GELCLAD panels design. Details on panel's dimensions, ...
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November, 17

The 7th ECTP conference will be dedicated to present and discuss current and anticipated innovation in the built environment ...
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January, 16

BAU is the World's Leading Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials and Systems in the construction industry. It is where future-oriented manufacturers come together with an audience of interested ...
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February, 07

The conference New Tools and Approaches for Nanomaterial Safety Assessment will be held in Malaga on 07–09 February 2017...
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March, 07

Ecobuild is the leading exhibition and conference for construction, design and energy in the built environment...
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May, 10

As request by the European Directive 31/2010, important measures are needed to increase the number of buildings...
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May, 15

The Energy Efficient Buildings Committee of ECTP made available the 6th edition of the EeB PPP Project Review 2017...
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May, 16

The yearly Impact Workshop for the three contractual Public-Private Partnerships (cPPPs) organised by the EC will take place on 17 May 2017...
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May, 23

Building Construmat Barcelona will take place from 23 to 26 May 2017 in Fira de Barcelona...
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Jun, 21

The 8th EuroNanoForum will take place in Valletta, Malta...
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Oct, 21

GELCLAD project was once again presented on international stage. This time it was in Athens, on International Conference "ENERGY in BUILDINGS 2017"...
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Nov, 06

GELCLAD to be presented at the 33rd International CAE Conference and Exhibition 6-7 November 2017 at Vicenza, Italy...
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Jan, 16

GELCLAD will be represented by Active Aerogels at Swissbau...
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JAN, 23

Workshop on Novel Energy Efficient Envelopes - H2020 EU Projects, 23 January, Brussels...
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Feb, 18

AAAS' annual meeting will take place on Feb 15-19 in Austin, Texas. In the "Energy-Enabling Materials and the Smart Cities of Tomorrow" scientific session...
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Feb, 22

Come and visit Gelclad booth at the next #EUIndustryDay...
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Oct, 02

GELCLAD at Advanced Building Skins 2018. Last Tuesday, October 2...
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Oct, 29

GELCLAD at INDTECH2018. INDustrial TECHnologies 2018 - Innovative industries for smart growth will take place in Vienna, Austria. ...
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Oct, 29

AMANAC WORKSHOP Branding innovations beyond the technical - Life Cycle Assessment and the trade-offs of sustainable growth Vienna – 29th Oct 2018...
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Mar, 07

GELCLAD will be present at EMIRI Tech Talk for EU Industry Week 2019 in the Advanced Materials for Energy Efficient Buildings panel, being held in Brussels on March 7th...
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Jul, 25

The H2020 project GELCLAD 3-year project is in its final stretch! For all wishing to know more about the project and its results, an open GELCLAD workshop will be held on 25th of July in the Building Research Establishment Ltd (BRE) facilities in Watford, UK...
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Jul, 31

The final review meeting of the GELCLAD project took place between 29 and 31 July in the city of Gijón in Asturias...
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This project participates in the AMANAC Cluster, by developing advanced materials and nanotechnologies for improving energy efficiency in buildings with a forward looking to circular economy policy. The current H2020 running projects are:

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